Microsoft Kinect Arriving In The UK On November 10th

Microsoft announced the Kinect for release several months ago and now we’ve learned that UK customers are set to receive the motion gaming peripheral on November 10th.

The U.S. receives the peripheral on November 4th and chatter surrounding the unit has continued to increase in anticipation of a device that’s seen as the first competitor to the Nintendo Wii’s own motion gaming system.

The move to push an International debut just 6 days after an initial country release is not typical of gaming companies who often see demand outstrip supply, so apparently Microsoft is working to get supply levels on track for the holiday shopping season.

In terms of pricing, UK customers are looking at 150 Euros which is just under $200 USD. The price may be a bit high for some users who already find the $150 U.S. price absurd, myself included.

No word yet on what will come in the box when the unit arrives in the UK, but it will be interesting to see if UK customers are willing to pay the higher price required to obtain the unit. What do you think? Are you willing to pay almost the price of a Nintendo Wii to get your hands on this peripheral. [via TG Daily]