New UFL online stores opens, then closes

Today was suppose to be the day that I could go online and buy me some UFL gear. This morning I woke got in front of my computer and was about to buy some UFL hats and shirts for my son and I. The bad news started fast, no hats, and a small selection of shirts. I thought they would do more of a product role out than that, and when I checked back tonight the store had been closed. Go check it out for yourselves.

What I saw, product wise was pretty crappy to say the least. First problem was no hats, and while the t shirt selection was pretty small there were a couple of good ones. The rest of the product line was very curios. I saw plastic team colored silver ware, wooden beads, and other trinkets that reminded me more of Tijuana, Mexico than an online store for a football league.

This kind of stuff is right in my wheelhouse as I work in the front office of a semi pro football team. When we stock out our merchandise we look for hats, t shirts, and hoodies first. Then we move on to things like coffee mugs, and dog tags. We don’t sell plastic silverware that is for sure. When I look around at my sports memorabilia collection nowhere is there plastic silverware, the beads are an ok idea for kids I guess, but stuffed animals and mascot things always sell better.

This is yet another misstep by a league that cannot afford to be making any. I was set to spend a few hundred dollars today on UFL gear, because of the silliness of their presentation I did not. When I went back to the store it was closed. It makes me wonder if they did not have other problems, and if they did they should not have tried to launch the store so soon.

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