‘Pokemon X and Y’: The New Monsters We Know So Far

Here’s the monsters we know so far from Pokemon X and Y.

Rumors have swarmed around Pokemon X and Y for months now, and a lot of them have been confirmed or laid to rest. We’ve had the new stomping grounds verified as Vaniville Town, part of Kalos, with a map very similar to that of France. We’ll now have at least one Pokemon mount with Gogoat, and possibly one that will allow you to engage in sky battles (We’re betting on an evolution of Noivern).

Now as for the new confirmed pocket monsters:

    • Chespin is a grass-type starter Pokemon, basically a living chestnut.
    • Fennekin is a fire-type Pokemon along the lines of Charmander, except it’s a fox instead of a lizard. Apparently it blows fire out through its ears. This is also a starter Pokemon.
    • Froakie is a water-type starter in the form of a frog, and it uses bubbles as a form of defense and attack.
    • Fletchling is the normal/flying type Pokemon that you run into at the beginning of the game, much like Pidgey and Spearow. He gains fire abilities when he evolves into Talonflame, as the name no doubt suggests.
    • Scatterbug is the bug-type Pokemon that replaces such previous entries as Caterpie and Weedle. Its first evolution is called Spewpa, and will eventually become Vivillon.
    • Helioptile is an electric/normal type Pokemon. This lizard is the first Pokemon to have Normal as a secondary type.
    • Pancham is a fighting-type for Pokemon X and Y that apparently knows Kung Fu. Probably a spawn of the animated Jack Black films, it’s a panda that kicks butt.
  • Gogoat is a grass-type Pokemon you can use as a mount to go places you can’t go on foot.
  • Flabebe is a fairy-type Pokemon that may draw powers from different flowers.
  • Litleo is a fire/normal-type that may rival Pikachu in cuteness. It looks like a lion cub.
  • Skrelp is a poison/water-type Pokemon that appears to be a kind of seaweed.
  • Clauncher is a water-type Pokemon that appears to be a crab with one giant claw.
  • Noivern is a flying/dragon-type that uses sound waves to attack.
  • Sylveon is a fairy-type evolution for Eevee, and little is known about how the evolution will take place beyond speculation involving a Moon Stone.
  • Xerneas is a legendary Pokemon alongside Yveltal and Awakened Mewtwo. Nothing is known about these particular monsters other than they are the gods of the bunch.

What do you think of the new Pokemon so far? Are you excited to play Pokemon X and Y?