Yucaipa Fire 20 Percent Contained, Full Containment Expected By Sunday Night

The Yucaipa fire in San Bernardino County is 20 percent contained.

The 534-acre brush fire extends between Mentone and Yucaipa and has been dubbed the "Mill Fire."

Firefighters were forced to contend with rising temperatures as they battled the blaze on Friday and Saturday.

With progress finally being made, some residents were allowed to return home.

Officials says the fire began to slow as it made its way south.

Firefighters are still monitoring hot spots to make sure the fire doesn't begin to grow, and they expect to have the fire fully contained before Sunday night.

Investigators are still investigating the cause of the blaze.

During the height of the blaze, more than 250 firefighters were working to contain the brush fire. One of those firefighters was Cal Fire spokesman Bill Peters, who told the Mercury News:

"We're finding a lot of little things that were affected by the fire -- backyard fences and melted trash cans. They're trying to do an assessment of that, but really the moderate damage was done to the one house."

When the Mill Fire began residents not only evacuated their homes, they were also forced to move livestock which were located directly in the path of the blaze. At one point, firefighters fought the Mill Fire while cattle were located just across the street from the fire. Cattle sellers chose to soak down the fields where their cattle were located in an attempt to keep them safe.

With record high temperatures throughout much of the Western United States, officials are still on high alert for the possibility of other fast spreading wildfires.