[VIDEO] Resistance 3 officially unveiled, heading to PS3 next year

Resistance 3 has just become the second massive first-person shooter announced in the past week. According to Sony and developer Insomniac Games, the direct sequel to (oddly enough) Resistance 2 will be out in 2011, on the PlayStation 3 only. The unveiling of R3 comes after last week’s reveal of BioShock Infinite.

Today’s announcement was accompanied by a live-action trailer that reveals little about the game, apart from the fact the Chimera are still knocking about. While I usually object to such unrelated teasers, this is pretty well done, and suggests the final version of Resistance 3 might include an extra dollop of horror. Not that I was scared or anything. Eh? What? No I ALWAYS SLEEP WITH MY PIPPIN COTTAGE NIGHT LIGHT ON KTHX.

[Via press release]