Ill conceived Facebook friend request lands man in the slammer

No contact means no contact, dude, not even friend requests.

The paper trail of Facebook has claimed another legal victim, when a man with a domestic violence injunction attempted twice to “friend” his estranged wife. The Smoking Gun notes that 54-year-old Harry Bruder didn’t seem to grasp that the popular social networking site was creating a digital record of the instances of contact that violated the injunction:

“Yeah, I did it,” Bruder said when confronted by cops. He remarked that the friend requests were “stupid” and knew that he should not have sent them. Bruder, who also copped to changing the password to his wife’s Yahoo e-mail account, said that he was upset that he had to attend court-ordered counseling sessions as a result of the injunction (which bars him from any contact with his wife).

Bruder didn’t just try to friend his soon to be ex-wife, Carole- he also talked shit about her on his wall. Is that like, a felony or something?

In an apparent reference to the filing of the restraining order, Bruder wrote in a July 27 post to his Facebook wall that, “today my future x wife thinks she won but the real winner is me for i know the truth she is nothing but a lying emotionally disturbed woman who needs help to handle previous abusive relationship.”

Bruder, a plumber, his being held on lieu of $5,000 bail.