Justin Bieber wields Twitter bomb against random kid, isn’t that like illegal?

If you’ve ever looked at trends and popular words on Twitter, you know that Justin Bieber is arguably the most powerful force on the microblogging site.

“Justin Bieber” dominated the trending topics list for-frickin-ever until Twitter organizers stepped in and halted the Biebs’s #tt reign. Bieber fans all over Twitter then responded by gaming his name back into trending terms by making up clever permutations like “Bustin Jieber” and the like to trick the list. Bieber’s manager was even arrested after using Twitter to accidentally organize a riot on Long Island last fall.

Perhaps allowing such Twitter juice to fall into the hands of a mere child was only asking for a catastrophe one day. And it seems that day has arrived- Justin Bieber has finally succumbed to the massive microblogging power he possesses. To prank call a rival. Fuck with one of Bieber’s friends? He’s tweeting the hell out of your number to his eight kabillion followers.

A message appeared on the teen queen’s Twitter feed, reading only “everybody call me,” followed by the number of one 15-year-old Kevin Kristopik. Kristopik had apparently done something horrible to a friend of Biebs, perhaps hiding his chastity ring or lopping off a section of his man bangs. And the insult was not allowed to stand, and Kostnik was buried in 26,000 instantaneous texts to his now useless phone.

According to a legal expert consulted by E!, the action isn’t likely to land Bieber in the big house, but he could face civil liabilities for the stunt.