Bill Maher Jokes Morning-After Pill Debate [Video]

Corey Mann

Bill Maher recently took to his talk to show to share his thoughts on the GOP's opposition of the morning-after pill. He's always been the type to make a joke out of anything, but he may have pushed the wrong buttons when talking about the touchy subject.

"Stop saying Republicans are waging a war on women," he said on his show. "It's not women they hate, it's women having sex that doesn't end with a baby popping out."

He wasn't done there as he went on to continue joking Republicans.

"Sex in their mind is for pro-creation, not recreation," he added. " The same way the G-spot is seen as just another liberal hoax that needs more study."

He went on to talk about teenage sex and the morning-after pill. He jokingly explained that the pill is easy to buy by saying "any American can now buy over-the-counter just like milk and ammo."

Before you knew it, Bill Maher was calling out the GOP for their thoughts on "sluts" for preventing things like pregnancy.

"Things like Plan-B and the HPV vaccine are bad because they remove God's natural intended punishments for sluts who put out," he said, speaking about the thoughts of conservatives . " A) being saddled with a baby you don't want or B) stricken with a horrible disease. You don't think that's how these people think?"

Maher received plenty of laughs for his jokes during the show, but he's now being criticized for taking things too far. His comments have caused quite the stir on the web, but he's always made critical comments on the show.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if he's being serious or just poking fun at heavy subjects. Nevertheless, his audience got a kick out of the entire situation.

The morning-after pill debate will continue on through discussions between politicians in Washington, D.C., and there's no telling when Bill Maher will chime in once again.