NYPD called in for Starbucks lingo spat

Another showdown in which you kind of want to kick both parties in the groinal region, and would appreciate a smackdown of either side.

Do you root for the pain in the ass, entitled and self-important college professor, or the pain in the ass, self-important and pedantic Starbucks barista? Cops were called yesterday to an Upper West Side Starbucks when a customer- the type who shoehorns her PhD into any given conversation- got uppity with a barista who refused to take the customer’s order unless she phrased it in a Starbucks-specific way. This wasn’t even a grande-venti-tall dispute- it was over an item held sacred to most New Yorkers, the bagel. (I will add at this point that any self-respecting New Yorker who loves bagels would never be caught dead eating a Starbucks bagel, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Per The Post, Lynne Rosenthal knew she was being kind of a dick about it, and not only that- she’s a repeat offender:

“I just wanted a multigrain bagel,” Rosenthal told The Post. “I refused to say ‘without butter or cheese.’ When you go to Burger King, you don’t have to list the six things you don’t want.

“Linguistically, it’s stupid, and I’m a stickler for correct English.”

Rosenthal admitted she had run into trouble before for refusing to employ the chain’s stilted lexicon — balking at ordering a “tall” or a “venti” from the menu or specifying “no whip.”

Rosenthal, who says the incident was “humiliating,” claims she was ejected from the Starbucks for her insolence.