Glastonbury 2013 Gearing Up For Rolling Stones After Epic Arctic Monkeys Show Friday [Videos]

Glastonbury 2013 is gearing up Saturday for the long-awaited headline performance by the ultimate classic rockers, the Rolling Stones.

The beloved British supergroup Rolling Stones will follow Friday night's headliner, Arctic Monkeys. Check out the videos below from the British indie band's Glastonbury 2013 performance.

Reuters said that frontman Alex Turner kicked off the Arctic Monkeys performance by yelling to the 100,000 people in the crowd, "We're going to play all night long Glastonbury. Does that sound good?"

The answer could only be yes.

The Glastonbury music festival that started with 1,500 hippies on a 1970 diary farm has swollen over the years to become Britain's largest. The numbers have become almost overwhelming, with about 2,000 acts on 58 stages attended by over 135,000 people. The gates opened Wednesday.

However, today's headline performance by the Rolling Stones is worth a special mention.

The Guardian has explained that it represents the ultimate fulfilment of 77-year-old Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis's dream.

And playing the festival may have represented a dream of the Rocking Stones as well. As Glastonbury veteran Tony Cordy said:

"The whole point is that the Stones wanted to play. It's not about money, and if it was, Glastonbury couldn't afford them. It's because you don't get better credibility than this."

Rather than yap too much about what's been happening at Glastonbury 2013, I have posted a few videos below.

This is "Mardy Bum" by the Arctic Monkeys:

This is the Arctic Monkeys entire performance recorded by the BBC:

Here's "Good Times" by Chic featuring Nile Rodgers:

Here's "RIP" by Rita Ora:

Only the people attending Glastonbury 2013 will see the entire Rolling Stones performance live but the BBC plans to broadcast an hour of the show scheduled to begin at 9:30 PM local time.

As you can see in the top video, the anticipation is building. People of all ages, from those old enough to see the Rolling Stones perform in the 1960s to young fans in their teens or twenties are looking forward to the Rolling Stones Glastonbury 2013 performance.

[Image via jaswooduk/Wikimedia]