The case against pre-season NFL games

We are now most of the way through the first week of the 2010 NFL pre-season. Each year the teams of the NFL plays four preseason games, partially to help evaluate talent. However, lately the positives of playing a few pre-season games have been largely outweighed by the negatives. The cost in terms of injuries in 2010 has already been immense, and the benefit for the fans is nill as pre-season games cost the same as regular season games to attend and the regular starters for each team rarely play the entire game.

An injury in a pre-season game has hurt the Houston Texans, as rookie RB Ben Tate is lost for the season. Star Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald also sprained his MCI and well have to be evaluated on when he can return. Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills is out with a hand injury, Detroit Lions backup MLB Jordan Dizon is out for the season with a knee injury. Green Bay Packers RB Ryan Grant may be out for a while with a head injury after taking a helmet to helmet hit, and RB Stafon Johnson has injured his ankle.

That is a lot of carnage for a bunch of games that do not mean a whole heck of a lot. Sure we have been without NFL football for months, but I don’t want to see guys losing their entire season in August. It is simply a ridiculous thing to go through each year. Especially for a team like the Texans who were going to be counting on Tate to help get them into the NFL playoffs.

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