Beyoncé To Reunite With Destiny’s Child After Appearing On Kelly Rowland’s Album?

Beyoncé quickly became a top artist once she went solo, but it all began with Destiny’s Child. She recently appeared on a track with her former group on Kelly Rowland’s new album, Talk A Good Game, which has sparked the debate of whether the group would ever get back together again.

The featured track is called “You Changed” and the “Single Ladies” star opens up the song by asking, “Ladies, you wanna do it again?”

It’s unknown if the group would take the stage as Destiny’s Child ever again, but fans could surely answer that question without even thinking about it.

Michelle Williams recently talked to E! News about the possibility of the group coming back together, but she said “We honestly don’t talk about that, to be honest.”

The discussion never seems to go away, but Williams did admit that they do hang out as much as possible.

“We hang out with each other all the time—I was with Beyoncé last night—but we never talk [about a reunion],” she said. “We’ll play each other our new music, but we never say, ‘What do you think about, you know, getting together for something else?’ That’s something we never discuss.”

As for now, it seems like coming together for a track every once in a while is the best they can do. Nevertheless, a Destiny’s Child reunion would be an instant hit as it’s been a hot topic ever since they split up in 2005.

Ms. Knowles has easily become the most successful of the group through her solo career, but Kelly and Michelle have also released solo albums and continue to do so.

Kelly Rowland’s new album dropped two weeks ago and Michelle Williams is in the process of finishing her next release. With all three continuing to stay busy, there’s no telling if or when they’d rejoin forces.

Would you love to see Beyoncé back in action with Destiny’s Child?