Danica Patrick On Kyle Petty Comment: I Really Don't Care

Kyle Petty started a bit of a debate this week when he said that Danica Patrick wasn't a "real race car driver." The sports world jumped on the comment but Danica didn't seem to concerned with the issue.

Patrick said that she's heard all types of things throughout her career and she tries not to pay attention to all of the criticism.

Patrick said: "I really don't care. I don't. It's true there are plenty of people who say really bad things about me. I hear about them or I read them or I read them on Twitter. People want me to die. At the end of the day, you just get over that kind of stuff. All you can do is trust that you're doing a good job and that's all that matters and the people around you believe in you."

Petty criticized Patrick on the Speed Channel's NASCAR Race Hub, saying that Danica did well during qualifying events but couldn't keep it together during races.

Petty said: "Danica has been the perfect example of somebody who can qualify better than what she runs. She can go fast, but she can't race. I think she's come a long way, but she's still not a race car driver. And I don't think she's ever going to be a race car driver."

Patrick hasn't claimed a win yet but she has managed to grab a pole position. It took Petty 10 years and 243 races to accomplish that feat.

Do you think Danica Patrick is a real race car driver?