Justin Bieber ‘Rider’ Banning Gomez’s Music Is ‘Fake,’ Says Singer’s Rep




Justin Bieber has been accused of many things in recent months; none, some, or all, of which may well be true.

However, an apparent decision by the 19-year-old to broadcast to all and sundry in a photoshoot that his relationship with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez is now so awful that he enforced a ban of her music on a rider, insisted that no-one spoke to him, and generally “diva-d out” seemed — frankly — a little Fringe.

“Very likely false” works equally well too.

It’s since come to light that Bieber’s rep has confirmed the rider is not Bieber’s and the purported document is “fake.”

But even without that affirmed denial, the spuriousness of this story should have been obvious.

Here’s why:

Apart from the fact that TMZ’s online copy of the alleged rider — untypically — comes without any kind of document-headed details, job date, or name of the brand concerned; common sense and a short-lived career detour involving a fair number of photoshoots offers this:

Any artist and/or celebrity pre-booked for a photoshoot usually states what music (if any) they want played as a backdrop.

There is therefore no need for an artist to state what they don’t want, they simply list their actual choices.





In general, mixtapes are either prepared by the photographic team or the artist’s.

Anyone with an even basic knowledge of Bieber’s musical tastes — he likes hip-hop — would know there would be no need to say “No Selena” or “no Jonas Brothers” as they are clearly pop.

Given that Bieber’s rep recently refuted a rumor that the singer had some sort of aversion toward Gomez’s music, even by that story’s own logic why would the teen singer now stir up speculation by allowing a request that would likely be read by numerous runners and personnel out of his control to make its way onto a rider?

There’s also this little gem.

Bieber and Gomez were reportedly seen by multiple eyewitnesses at a late-night movie screening of This Is The End at the Galleria ArcLight Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA, on Thursday, June 27.

The pair, who may simply have been hanging out as friends, apparently entered the theater after the movie had started and left just before it ended.

Reportedly, they sat in the front row but declined to take photographs together when a fan asked the pair for a picture.



Justin at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Arc Light theater in Los Angeles tonight! pic.twitter.com/yzwA2vvY1I

— Believe Tour Updates (@BelieveTourUPD) June 28, 2013





According to Radar Online, Bieber and Gomez were also spotted together earlier in the week at a birthday celebration for an artist known alternately as Quincy or Frequincy, who is also friends with others in the Canadian’s circle, one of whom was still celebrating his own birthday.




Despite reports that Gomez and Bieber are not in an intimate relationship — which may well be the case given the Jordan Ozuna story and Gomez’s friendly but platonic-seeming embrace and kiss of her ex-beau at the Billboard Music Awards — it seems their friendship is still going strong.

Interestingly, Us Weekly magazine has just published a short extract from their collection of Bieber interviews and photographs in a special Collector’s Edition Us which is available here.

In it, Bieber talks of wanting to “get married and start a family,” and says his maternal grandparents are his relationship role models. But, he also revealed a mature approach — in theory, at least — for handling the end of the good times.

“As long as people are kind to each other during a breakup,” he tells Us,“there is no reason they can’t be friends,” adding that, “a lot of people give me relationship advice.”



Justin Bieber Accused Of Being a Diva And Banning Selena Gomez From Photoshoot, But Reports Of Movie Night Between The Pair Suggests This Is Unlikely




Look, I’ve got no problem with gossip outlets, especially one that broke the ‘Michael Jackson death’ leviathan. But, when said website accelerates a story then attempts to control it — as it has done with more than one Bieber story — I do object to being coerced into reporting on nonsense.

Again, Gossip Cop have confirmed with Bieber’s rep that the so-called rider is not the singer’s and is “fake.” As ever, the question as to why so many outlets allow their content to be dictated to by a website that surely must have had an idea the document wasn’t what it purported to be — remains pertinent.

Even without the rep’s confirmation, most adult observers should realize that no-one who is one-half of an ex-couple who, at the very least, remain friends and reportedly still meet up for movie nights etc., would needlessly and publicly snub the creative efforts of their former partner.

Bieber performs tonight at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on his recently resumed Believe World Tour. 












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