Steven Slater would anticlimactically like his job back, please

Well if this week has a theme, that theme is spectacularly quitting your job will either be a) totally a lie or b) only end in having to contritely and publicly beg for your bosses to hire you back.

Steven Slater’s beer-stealing, emergency slide deploying resignation not only allowed Americans to live vicariously through his $25K in damage exit, but captured worldwide interest. Slater quickly earned the “folk hero” label, and there was buzz about reality shows and the like. But that was two long, regret filled days ago, and now the rogue flight attendant would like his job back, please thank you.

Per Gawker, Slater actually really dug being a flight attendant and would really be happy if JetBlue ignored the whole “screw you guys, I’m going home” plus big yellow slide plus ensuing media attention thing:

Slater’s lawyer, Howard Turman, held a press conference today outside Slater’s home, during which Slater looked silently on. He told the press that Slater would like to keep being a flight attendant because flying “is in his blood.” And he’d love to keep working for JetBlue:

“JetBlue is a wonderful airline which he has loved working for, and wishes to continue working for,” said his lawyer.

Well, that’s embarrassing.