Alec Baldwin Twitter Rampage: 'Gonna F*** Up' Reporter, Then Deletes Account

Elaine Radford

The new Alec Baldwin Twitter tirade is an over-the-top homophobic blast against a Daily Mail reporter that has resulted in an attack of Twitter remorse -- and the deletion of the Alec Baldwin Twitter account.

Fans of the 55-year-old 30 Rock actor's classic "rude, thoughtless little pig" voicemail rant against his then 11-year-old daughter already know that Baldwin is one of the great pottymouths out there.

And Alec Baldwin's Twitter rage is just as epic. You have to hand it to the man. He can pack in an amazing number of f-bombs and homophobic slurs in just 140 characters.

So read no further if you object to strong language or you're easily offended. You have been warned.

The story starts with a widely read report by George Stark, who alleged that ticky-tacky Alec Baldwin and his pregnant wife Hilaria were tweeting away during James Gandolfini's funeral service:

"It may not be considered funeral etiquette, but Alec Baldwin and his heavily pregnant wife Hilaria took to Twitter during James Gandolfini's service today.

The pregnant yoga instructor's social media feed was full of upbeat posts while the Sopranos star's friends, family and co-stars were gripped with grief at a New York Catholic church."

While Stark also published Hilaria Baldwin's claim that she hadn't actually done so, he included plenty of screenshots of both Baldwins' Twitter feeds -- which seemed to provide pretty decent evidence of the tabloid's claims. You can read his entire story here.

An MSN report said that Hilaria Baldwin tried to explain away the time stamp on her tweets using the voice of sweet reason: "When someone tweets something at a certain time, and you retweet it later, it posts the time the first person tweeted."

In other words, she blamed the publicist who was retweeting promotional information during the funeral.

However, the Alec Baldwin we all know and love just can't leave things like that. There's no nice way to say this. The man totally freaked out:

There's plenty more, including a tweet where he says that he fired the unnamed publicist. Twitter didn't necessarily react the way Alec Baldwin thought it would.

Sure, he was defending his pregnant wife but firing off with a bunch of anti-gay slurs and personal attacks wasn't exactly taking the high road -- and Twitter knew it.

There are way more screenshots of the epic Alec Baldwin Twitter rampage as well as related Twitter volleys from his wife and others at, you guessed it, the Daily Mail.

Eventually, Baldwin seemed to realize that he wasn't going to win by firing f-bombs all over the landscape, so he went into shutdown mode:

Hilaria Baldwin has said that Alec overreacted because he couldn't stand by and watch his pregnant wife be insulted. However, his own choice of insults was decidedly unwise.

What's your over/under on how long it is before he cools down and issues an apology for some of his worse statements in the Alec Baldwin Twitter rampage?

[Twitter images by Alec Baldwin via Huffington Post]

[Alec Baldwin photo credit: david_shankbone via photopin cc]