'Storage Wars' Stars Suing A&E Over Salary Dispute [Report]

The entire cast of Storage Wars is planning to sue A&E if their salary demands are not met.

The planned lawsuit comes just days after one of the original members, Barry Weiss, reportedly quit the show.

According to Radar Online, Dan Dotson, the show's main auctioneer, was recorded proposing that the cast form a unified front and sue the network.

"I really believe that unity is going to be really, really strong and I can see us all locking arms and telling A&E f*** off," Dotson said. "We’re not going to show up. You think you can make us show up? You’re not going to get anything out of us."

According to International Business Times, the plan was conceived after the show's concept -- treasure hunters searching abandoned storage units in search of profitable items -- was utilized to produce three spin-offs. A&E currently has Storage Wars franchises in New York and Texas, with Florida to follow.

Dotson said that the cast of the original series deserved some of the profits from the spin-offs.

"Here we all are, we made the f**king show and now they’ve copied it, we want part of it. We’re going to sue you guys for West Coast and that one (New York) and … whatever one they come out with," Dotson said.“And you can stop this lawsuit but you’re going to have to give us this much money and you’re going to have to make us partners on this. That’s the only way," he added.

In May, it was reported that Dotson, his wife Laura, and bidder Darrell Sheets were facing the chopping block. A source familiar with the situation said that it appeared the network was going after its higher paid cast members at the same time it was trying to expand the franchise.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Barry Weiss had secretly taped his farewell. The decision reportedly had nothing to do with former cast member Dave Hester's lawsuit against the show, which claimed that the finds were faked, and that items were placed in the lockers after they had already been appraised. Hester also sued for wrongful termination.

What do you think of a possible lawsuit against Storage Wars? Do the original cast members deserve profits from the spin-offs?