Indian TV Reporter Fired After Riding Atop Local’s Shoulders To Stay Dry [Video]

An Indian TV reporter has been fired from his station after reporting on the India floods devastating the northern areas of the nation.

It wasn’t your average report, however, as the man, apparently concerned about the flood waters getting his shoes and pants wet, went for a ride upon the shoulders of a local man while filming.

The 17 year news veteran, Narayan Pargaien, was fired from India’s News Express after giving the report and the clip went viral.

In a formal statement, the news station explained the incident as “grave misconduct which goes against cultural values of our channel” and apologized to the public.

Many found the video to be outrageous and callous, especially in light of the deadly monsoon rains which have brought on weeks of floods, landslides, and death to the northern Uttarakhand province.

In explaining his side of the story, fired Indian TV reporter Narayan Pargaien said he was visiting a northern village decimated by flood waters, reports Washington Post.

The dismissed reporter said that before he began his report, a local man volunteered to carry him on his shoulders.

Explaining that the man offered the shoulder ride as an act of gratitude, because, as Pargaien says, “it was the first time someone of my level had visited his house.”

Pargaien agreed it was an error in judgment, however, before launching into a tirade about the cameraman, who he said, despite the report being edited from public broadcast, uploaded the clip to YouTube.

He went so far as to claim the man was trying to sabotage his career.

Though the Indian TV reporter was fired his shocking display of callousness, as a professional, it illustrates wide economic and cultural gap between classes still present in Indian society, even during the trying India floods.

Watch the YouTube clip below: