Vodka Tampon Leads To Teenager Collapse

A teenage girl collapsed, due to severe alcohol poisoning, after she consumed over half a litre of vodka that was soaked in a tampon.

The young girl, who spent two days in a hospital in Murcia, is now recovering, after she used what the local teenagers have labeled, Tampax on the Rocks, which is a tampon soaked in alcohol.

One medical explained, "It is inserted into the vagina where the alcohol is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream that it could be in the stomach because of the thin, mucous covered membrane."

It is believed that this phenomenon started in the United States, and it has also been referred to as tampvodka, but it has since been reported in Germany, England, and Scandinavia where its use has accelerated because teenagers are able to escape parental control of their alcohol consumption.

Around 18 months ago, the Inquisitr first reported on this strange drinking experience, whilst it was also revealed that males were partaking in Vodka Tampons too, through a process called, "Butt Chugging."

Underage drinkers have repeatedly used this as a way to drink alcohol because it gets them drunk very fast, whilst it also leaves them without any smell of alcohol.

Dr. Lisa Masterson, the co-host of, The Doctors, stated that this method will "literally destroy the vagina," whilst Danielle Crittenden decided to try and get drunk off a vodka tampon to see if it actually worked. Crittenden remarked, "anyone who tries to get drunk off a tampon deserves the punishment."

Vodka Tampon is just the latest drinking craze. In 2012 bartenders reported that teens were snorting vodka, whilst in 2010, "vodka eyeballing" saw a hoard of British university students drink the spirit through their eyeballs. There are even videos of them consuming the booze like this on Youtube.

What do you think of girls who drink vodka through their tampons?

[Image via Kosobu & Africa Studio/Shutterstock]