Topless dancer Kristina Hensley charged with dragging punter to death

An exotic dancer with an outfit called “Naughty Bodies” has been arrested after police say she dragged a client to death following- well, following whatever goes on at a home-based event where one contracts with an organization called “Naughty Bodies.”

35-year-old Kristina Hensley stands accused of striking 31-year-old Jae Cho with her vehicle, dragging the man over a mile and resulting in his eventual and likely painful demise. Details about the events leading up to Cho’s death remain unclear, and while Hensley is currently charged only with leaving the scene of an accident, she was said to be visibly distraught and “rocking back and forth” at her arraignment.

Police say that whatever happened at Cho’s home prior to Hensley’s sudden departure seems to have spooked her, and that the exotic dancer may not have realized Cho’s body was still underneath the SUV she was driving until she stopped at a gas station two miles away. Neighbors of the woman say that despite recent drug problems, she was known to be a good mother and that news of the crime was shocking to them:

“She was a good mother. She did whatever she had to, to take care of her kids. Even if she had to be a stripper, because that was the lifestyle she knew, it was easy money for her. I don’t, I’d never seen her do anything crazy like that…”

Naughty Bodies has not yet commented on the incident.