Seattle Woman Beaten By Three Female Attackers [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Seattle, WA -- A woman was viciously beaten in downtown Seattle in broad daylight in what apparently is a random attack.

The attack by three females occurred in the Westlake Park area of Seattle, a public plaza, while bystanders just watched on Monday afternoon. Police are looking for the victim, who may be homeless or a transient, to identify the suspects, who were taken into custody but released without a positive ID that they were the perpetrators from another eyewitness to the attack.

The victim, 30, was treated at a local hospital for head injuries and released, and her whereabouts are unknown to investigators at this time. Police are also requesting that any other witnesses come forward.

KIRO TV in Seattle reported that "Even veteran SPD officers were astonished when they saw the cellphone video, which shows a defenseless woman being punched, kicked and stomped relentlessly by three other women for almost 60 seconds. The attack happened in the middle of crowded Westlake Park, and no one there seemed interested in stopping it."

Of this beating, police detective Renee Witt admitted that "It's unbelievably violent and shocking. We need to find the attackers, they need to be arrested .... Without [the victim's] cooperation, her willingness to testify, to say these are the people who assaulted me, our detectives don't have a case."

Despite this broad-daylight mugging, Seattle's government offers a more benign take on the area: "Westlake Park lies in the heart of the downtown shopping district. It's the perfect spot to take a break and admire the fountain, or watch shoppers as they visit the Westlake Mall and the surrounding retail stores."

Watch a local news report about the woman being beaten and stomped in Seattle's Westlake Park for no apparent reason:

Do you think there has been an increase in these random attacks in American cities, and if so, why?

[top image credit: Jon Stockton]