Axelle Francine Engaged To Eva Longoria Ex Tony Parker, He Tweets

Axelle Francine will be Eva Longoria ex Tony Parker's next wife. The 31-year-old San Antonio Spurs player made the decidedly understated announcement yesterday on Twitter during a question-and-answer chat hosted by the Swiss watchmaker Tissot.

I've posted the relevant tweets down below where you'll see that Parker didn't even mention Axelle Francine by name. In response to a softball question about what he liked to do with his free time, the French National Team basketball player quietly replied, "Spending time with my fiancé."

However, it isn't too tough to figure out that he intends to marry his girlfriend, French journalist Axelle Francine.

According to ET Online, they've been together since 2012 -- and Parker was recently spotted shopping for engagement rings.

Multiple other media sources like Radar Online and The Daily Mail also identity Parker's intended as Francine.

Will they go on an exotic honeymoon? It seems likely, since Parker also dropped in a comment that his three favorite places to vacation were Tahiti, the Maldives, or anywhere in Africa where he could safari.

One Twitter user responded to the subdued engagement announcement with a comment to the effect that Tony Parker had dropped the ball. A photograph of his former wife Eva Longoria was attached to that comment.


But it's true that Parker's previous marriage to the 38-year-old Desperate Housewives star broke up in 2011 after only three years over rumors that Parker was cheating on Longoria.

axelle francine eva
Back in the day it was Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Longoria recently spoke out about the ugly breakup, admitting that she was so upset that she gave up eating to live on coffee. Her health was put at risk by a dangerous weight loss.

Here are those tweets about where Tony Parker calls Axelle Francine his fiancé:


And here are a couple more of the many questions Tony Parker took in the chat:


Sounds like he has a very busy schedule, even in the off-season.

But maybe Tony Parker is ready to settle down with new fiancé Axelle Francine.

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