June 27, 2013
Son Recognises His Mother As Suspected Bank Robber, Turns Her Into Police

A man from Michigan recognised his mother as a bank robber on surveillance photos and then decided to call up the authorities and report her.

The unnamed man, who is from Kent County's Byron Township, called police and then lead them to his own home, which he shares with his 53-year-old mother, Dee Ann Sanders.

Sanders, who lives in Byron Township, was charged on Tuesday of robbing a Grand Rapids' Bank Of America, an act she apparently committed on June 18. It is thought that she will then be arraigned on Thursday.

The Bank Of America in question is located on 6737 South Division Avenue, and the incident took place last Tuesday at around 4.00pm.

It is believed that a bank teller was accosted Sanders, who then passed her a note that asked for $2,500, which she stated was for her grandchildren and children. It has since been reported that she received $1,092.

Surveillance photos of the ordeal show a woman wearing a bright red T-Shirt with a large American flag on the front. This footage was then released to the general public and various media outlets. Sander's unnamed son, as well as several other people, then called police and identified her as the criminal.

Officers surrounded the abode, which is located on Festival Drive Southwest in Byron Township, before entering and find Sanders inside and subsequently arresting her.

Adam Van Deuren, a 53-year-old FBI special agent, then stated that she confessed to the crime as she was questioned.

Van Deuren then also added that Sanders revealed she was stressed due to problems between her and her husband, which soon began to develop and lead to her starting a crack-cocaine addiction. It has yet to be announced if she has a lawyer.

Would call the police on your mother if you knew she had committed a crime?

[Image via Kent County Sheriff Department]