Did this HOPA really quit on a white board in front of the whole internet?

Kim LaCapria

A series of photos posted today on The Chive has gone seriously viral, involving a supposedly pissed-off assistant (who appears to have walked into the frame directly from a "Snorg Tees" ad) that quit her job due to a boss that she says she caught calling her a "HOPA" or a "HPOA." (Which apparently both stand for "hot piece of ass.")

The internet is having a pretty big circle jerk over it, and everyone seems greatly amused that Jenny's big reveal is that Spencer spends nearly 20 hours a week playing on FarmVille. (Versus a supposed fewer than 5 hour weekly average on Scotttrade, presumably the company with which both were employed.) While the mention of a specific company name seems to indicate "Jenny" may just be a brassed off assistant, a lot of the pics seem to trip the fake-o-meter. (Also, the glasses are very prop-y looking when contrasted with her "casual" look at the end.)

Below are some highlights of the 33 pics that comprise "Jenny's" very public resignation- what's your vote, real or fake?