Let your inner graffiti artist out

Banksy is one of my most favorite graffiti artists but not the only one as much of the street art that is happening out there is some pretty incredible stuff. Unfortunately that kind of art takes a special kind of talent that can take many years to develop and under circumstances that make it a rather hazardous type of art to become good at. From getting arrested to battles over turf being a graffiti artist isn’t something that just anyone can become.

That is unless you can get yourself a YrWall Digital Graffiti Wall from British startup Lumacoustics. With this really cool “wall” you use a modified spray can that “sprays” infrared light which is tracked by a computer. Like with most graphics programs you can select what color that the can is suppose to be “spraying” as well as selecting objects and effects from a preset palette. You can also delete and save your creations that can then be transferred to things like t-shirts or share online.

YrWall is the brainchild of Lumacoustics founders Tom Hogan and Tim Williams, who designed the system for things such as promotional and corporate events, community projects, and even graffiti “battles” between artists. It could also be used by commercial graphic artists, who prefer a life-size canvas for their graffiti-esque assignments.

At one recent event, guests got to design a custom paint job for a Chevrolet Spark, one of which was parked close by with a real-time feed of that paint job projected onto it. This involved providing a basic onscreen outline of the car, which users could then fill in however they wished. That type of “coloring book” application has proven particularly popular at corporate events, as has the ability to incorporate custom backgrounds, company logos, and specific company colors.


Gotta admit that this would be really cool to have on the office wall but I somehow think that its price will be a little beyond my expense account level.