‘Transformers 4’: China Is A ‘Character’ In The Film

How much screen time does China get in Michael Bay’s Transformers 4? According to one Chinese production company, the country is essentially a character in the movie.

It’s no secret that the next installment in the franchise is being partially funded with Chinese money. In exchange, Michael Bay and company are filming a significant portion of the sequel in the country.

According to Coming Soon, China has so much screen time in Transformers 4 that it’s basically a character unto itself. Jiaflix Enterprises president Marc Ganis recently said several scenes in the upcoming feature will take place there.

“The film has a great deal to do with China. Effectively, China is a character in it. So much of the movie takes place in China and the character [Li Bingbing] plays is a Chinese national. So it’s a very natural position for her to have,” he explained to Chinese Films.

For those of us who have been following Transformers 4 since its announcement, the fact that China is playing a large role in the flick is certainly no surprise. Not only does the film have its own reality show in China, the sequel will also feature the destruction of several Chinese landmarks.

Hollywood’s obsession with China stems from the viability of the country’s film market. Business is currently booming, though only a certain number of foreign films are screen in Chinese theaters every year. This means studios are willing to bend over backwards to ensure their movies are selected.

Nobody seems to understand the market better than Michael Bay. The director and the folks at Paramount have gone out of their way to ensure Transformers 4 won’t get overlooked. The inclusion of Chinese actors and actresses, in addition to using the country as a backdrop, is good business for everyone involved.