Girl Banned From Football Team For ‘Inciting Lust’ [Video]

A 12-year-old girl has been kicked off of her middle school football team in a pre-emptive measure against “inciting lust” in her male teammates.

According to school officials, Maddy Paige was asked to leave the Strong Rock Christian football team based on the school’s official policy. Athletic director Phil Robert said, “Our official policy is that middle school girls play girl sports and middle school boys play boy sports.”

However, Paige’s mother, Cassy Blythe, said that Roberts’ explanation didn’t jibe with what she was told by other administrators.

“In the meeting with the CEO of the school, I was told that the reasons behind it were  … that the boys were going to start lusting after her, and have impure thoughts about her,” Blythe said. “And that locker room talk was not appropriate for a female to hear, even though she had a separate locker room from the boys.”

In a phone interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Blythe said that the school principal had watched her daughter play and said that he “was looking forward to her playing next year.”

Strong Rock Christian is a private k-12 in Locust Grove, Georgia. Maddy Paige, who has been attending the school for seven years, was the starting defensive end for the football team when she was in sixth grade. But Paige was told at the end of the season that she would not be allowed to try out for the team next season.

“It’s like taking my dream and throwing it in the trash,” Paige said.

Paige’s family has started a Facebook page called “Let Her Play” in an attempt to get the girl reinstated on the team. At the time of this writing, the page had received 31,424 likes.

Do you think Maddy Paige should be allowed to play on the football team?