Snooki Shows Off Toned Body On Instagram

Snooki wants everyone to know that she’s getting in shape.

The former Jersey Shore star recently shared a photo on Instagram showing off her flat stomach. Snooki is also flexing her guns in the image, proving that she’s been working insanely hard to get back in shape following the birth of her son.

“Getting more toned and defined,” the reality TV veteran posted.

In another image, Snooki gives fans a close-up of the work she’s been doing on her arms. According to the caption, she is “damn proud” to be a fit mom. You can find both images in the gallery embedded below.

Although she’s doing her best to get in shape, apparently Snooki has received some unflattering messages on both Instagram and Twitter. In a tweet posted yesterday (June 25), the new mom addressed some of the criticisms that have been lobbed in her general direction.

“Everyone’s saying the ‘new fit me’ isn’t what I’m suppose to look what. I wasn’t always a fatass, kids. Get used to my fit life cause I love it,” she wrote.

When someone told Snooki to “quit obsessing over yourself” and “live your life,” the former Jersey Shore star came to her own defense. Judging from her tone, Snooki isn’t letting anyone get in the way of feeling better about herself.

“I enjoy ‘living my life’ at the gym. Sorry that annoys you,” she wrote.

Following the end of Jersey Shore, Snooki decided to switch gears a bit in terms of career trajectory. The Inquisitr previously reported that she is now interested in helping aspiring musicians get a foothold in the industry.

“That’s basically what Team Snooki Music is, just helping them with my networking and Twitter, Facebook and just trying to get them out there because I think they have great talent,” she explained.

You can find her latest Instagram photos in the gallery below.

Are you a fan of Snooki? What do you think about her toned body?

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