Storesquare! Foursquare now selling real-life stuff in an online store

Yes, but can you check in there?

If constant auto-publishing to your Facebook and Twitter feeds isn’t enough of an announcement to all your friends that you have a smartphone and you’re not afraid to use it, you can now buy real life buttons, stickers and t-shirts at the Foursquare store so the un-socially networked can share in your love of Foursquare.

Foursquare announced the store’s opening in a blog post, and hinted at possible future check-in tie-ins:

So many of you have been asking how you can rock the t-shirts we wear every day here at foursquare HQ, so we made a store for you to get your own! The great thing about this is that it’s really not just a store, but a distribution channel that will allow us get swag out to all our biggest supporters and loyal superusers (love you guys!).

In the future, we hope the store will make it possible for us to do a lot of really cool things—like tying badge unlocks to real-life swag—so you can show off your foursquare accomplishments! Check out the cool voting feature where you can pick which one of our designer Mari’s awesome designs makes it into the store next.

Catch that? So the next time someone asks you what the point of Foursquare is or why you care about retaining a mayorship, you can explain it to them in terms of tangibility that non-Foursquare users seem to value so highly. The two shirts posted so far are pretty cute and fetchingly form fitting- with the added bonus of functioning as a shibboleth to other location aware geeks, possibly boosting your friend count and in-game status. If that’s not worth $20, I don’t know what is.