October 6, 2013
Lindsay Bien-aime: Cursing Star Of Getting Kicked Off Plane Video [Video]

Lindsay Bien-aime has emerged as the unhappy star of the viral video of an angry, swearing female passenger who got dragged off a US Airways plane heading from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back to the Charlotte, North Carolina hub.

If you haven't seen Lindsay Bien-aime's screaming f-bomb dropping performance yet, hit that play button and take a look. However, let me warn you first that her act is definitely Not Safe For Work. The lady gets a little free with her use of harsh language.

She gets cuffed and dragged off by police officers, apparently with the help of a passenger or two who pile on. So if you're a sensitive soul, maybe this video isn't for you.

When I first shared the video on Monday, I didn't know Bien-aime's name. I just got a tip from some travel bloggers about the outrageous episode which I figured a lot of you frequent flyers out there could identify with, since we've all been trapped on flights with ridiculous passengers.

And plenty of travelers wondered aloud at the perverse irony of somebody taking an entire cell phone YouTube video of a woman being arrested for not turning off her cell phone.

As a result of her arrest, it became inevitable that Lindsay Bien-aime's name would become a matter of public record.

WBTV pulled a copy of her arrest report in Broward County. And it ain't pretty.

She's facing multiple charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest with violence, and assault on law enforcement officers.

That kid's voice in the video saying, "Mommy, I'm scared"? Turns out that it's her own two-year-old son.

I think it's safe to say that Bien-aime messed up bigtime and may be spending more time in Broward County than she originally intended.

For more videos and stories about awful or sometimes just pathetic passengers getting kicked off their flights, visit Monday's story about eight stupid ways to get thrown off your flight. Don't miss the one about the guy who actually gets involved in drunken fisticuffs with a United Express pilot.

He's even worse than Lindsay Bien-aime.

[US Airways jet photo by Anthony 92931 via Wikimedia]