200 Calories Video Helps You Visualize What You're Really Eating

"This is 200 calories" is the new video from AsapSCIENCE, which modestly calls itself your weekly dose of science. With over 600,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on Monday, it's well on its way to being the newest viral video.

It's a fairly simple concept. The video allows you to see what 200 calories really looks like.

It can be a whole ginormous unclimbable mountain of food if it's 200 calories of celery. It can be entire gallons of unswimmable rivers to drink if it's 200 calories of black coffee.

Or it can be a sad bite of a McDonald's Big Mac, a pathetic sip at the bottom of the cup of a fancy coffee drink, or a couple of wimpy cubes off a slab of cheddar cheese.

Heck, apparently 200 calories won't even buy you a whole slice of pizza if it has that criminal pepperoni on it.

In late May, the British Medical Journal published a survey which suggested that most people have no real idea about how many calories they're actually eating.

As The Inquisitr reported then:

"[T]eens underestimate the calories in their fast food meals by about 34 percent. This means that respondents who ordered fast food at an average of 756 calories estimated their calorie intake at only 497, resulting in an underestimation of 259 calories -- nearly the equivalent of a Milky Way candy bar."

Needless to say, if you don't know how many calories you're actually eating, you may not be making the best decisions possible to lose weight.

If you watch the video and now you think you're about ready to cry, take a deep breath. If absorbing the entire video is too much, there are still photos posted at Wise Geek that also show various items of food that contain 200 calories.

Hey, it looks like I can have a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream for roughly 200 calories. Or I could pick 34 grams of bacon for the same amount.

Have fun using the 200 calories video to make better or at least more informed food choices.