Jackie Chan Not Dead, Un-Retiring For Action Films ‘Police Story 2013,’ ‘Skiptrace’

Jackie Chan is not dead. In fact, he’s un-retiring for action films called Police Story 2013 and Skiptrace.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Jackie Chan death hoax had many people questioning whether the famous action film star had jumped one too many cliffs, buildings, explosives, vehicles, or whatever else he’s leaped besides a shark.

Police Story 2013 will be the newest installment in Jackie Chan’s beloved Police Story franchise, which hasn’t enjoyed a new entry since 2004. Perhaps because of this long gap in time, the film is not related to the previous installments, with Jackie Chan playing a mainland China Interpol officer in a more grittier action film when compared to the almost comedic prior titles. The story will apparently focus on a kidnapping case. Chinese actor Liu Ye has been cast as the villain and actress Tian Jing has been cast as the officer’s daughter.

Jackie Chan has reportedly signed on to star in the upcoming action comedy flick Skiptrace. Jackie Chan will play as a Hong Kong detective ordered to track down an American gambler who is on the run from creditors.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jack Chan said he was retiring. Because Jackie Chan desired the death of his stuntman career, Police Story 2013 originally did not have any action scenes, but apparently the allure of action films overrode his concerns about his aging body:

“The script later changed, and as the story progressed, there were action scenes. I still like to shoot action films, because there is this thrill and sense of superiority when you shoot a scene beautifully without wires. Maybe I will announce again that this would be my last major action film. But what if people still approach me to do big action films? I think I will probably still do it. Why is it that no director comes to me for romance films?”

Are you glad Jackie Chan is back to doing action films?