Isiah Thomas, again, really?

File this one under why the New York Knicks have no shot at winning, with the current ownership in place. This is so ridiculous I though it was an internet joke, but much like a great case of the Herpes Isiah Thomas looks like he will once again be employed by the New York Knicks. It pains me to say that as Isiah “Zeek” Thomas was a Detroit Pistons and one of my childhood heroes. However, just about everything he has touched since retiring far to early because of being snubbed off the first Dream Team has turned to poop, quickly.

Most of us know Zeek these days as the Head Basketball Coach of Florida International University. Running a college sports team should be a full time job, but apparently Zeek has some time in his schedule and would like to be a consultant with the New York Knicks. The problem with that is it may well violate League and NCAA rules. On top of that Thomas is the man most directly to blame for the current state of this team. As a team builder and general manager he was a complete disaster of Matt Millen proportions.

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting different results. That makes this move by the Knicks highly questionable. This is the guy who can be blamed for the ruin of this franchise; he got fired, and allegedly sexually harassed members of the Knicks staff. Sounds like the perfect guy I would want to bring back. I feel like I am watching a really bad episode of the NBC hit show The Office.

The NBA actually has a rule where team employees may not speak with college underclassmen. Since that is the essential part of Zeek’s job at Florida International; I see no way that the NBA could allow this employment. The real question has to be, why would the Knicks even consider this?

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