Kim Kardashian Sends Out Baby Pics, But They Aren’t Photos Of North West

You never know who you can trust when you’re a reality star. Kim Kardashian reportedly sent out a few baby photos to some of her close friends over the weekend. But the photos were of some random baby and not North West.

Kardashian has been dealing with the media for years now and she’s learned a few tricks. The reality star reportedly wanted to see if anyone would try to sell her baby photos so she decided to send out a few decoys.

According to TMZ, she sent out a bogus baby photo this weekend and one of her “friends” tried to sell it. Kim sent out another photo earlier this week and got the same result.

Kardashian apparently wants to share some photos of her new baby with her friends but she doesn’t want it to end up in the papers. So now Kim is rounding up members in her circle of trust to see who is worthy of getting a glimpse of baby North West.

I’m not one who usually hands out compliments to Kim Kardashian (or any of her reality brother and sisters) but the new mom deserves some props for her manipulative maneuvers. Kim doesn’t want her baby to be exploited (yet) and when North West does make her first public appearance it’s going to be on Kim’s own terms.

[And just so you’re not confused, the baby pictured above is from and is now Kim Kardashian’s baby girl North West.]