Mayim Bialik Practices Attachment Parenting: Good God! No! Why? Shut Up


Oh my, God, you guys. That girl from The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik? I just heard she practices this thing called attachment parenting!

Much of the news over the past few days has been directed at Mayim Bialik’s practice of “attachment parenting” (sometimes stylized as “AP”). Aside from being an actress, she’s also a pretty avid parenting blogger and often shares details from the AP practice on her blog, Kveller.

Attachment parenting is called a controversial practice by some and involves bonding through things like co-sleeping, breastfeeding for longer than prudes are comfortable with, and “baby wearing,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

And because attachment parenting is easily the worst thing we can imagine (read: Sarcasm), a lot of people flame Bialik for her openness and honesty on the issue.

Now before we get too far into this article, I should add a disclaimer. I’m not a parent, and I’ve never felt particularly moved to do any research into parenting styles. My interaction with children is pretty much limited to making funny faces at them in the grocery store, and I once held a conversation with a young mom about Dr. Spock for 20 minutes before realizing that we weren’t talking about Star Trek.

I could point to a number of studies that outline the benefits of attachment parenting and why it’s really not as crazy as it might sound, but that’s a little bit out of my wheelhouse. Having discussed the practice with a handful of parents in my social circle and trusted colleagues over at The Parenting Patch, I think I’m adequately equipped with the expertise to boldly say: Who cares?

The Patriot Act, a long-controversial set of ambiguous US security laws, has been abused to its zenith, with politicians now weakly declaring that it’s constitutional to listen in on your phone conversations to fight terrorism because: Insanity. Worse, this is like the fourth major scandal facing the current administration in just one month. Remember when a presidential scandal simply boiled down to some Oval Office kink? Those were the days.

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Last time I checked, the Obama administration is still “secretly” engaged in an unnamed conflict in Pakistan, using drones to bomb civilians.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their daughter “North West.”

My point? There are plenty of other things to spend you angry energy on. You know, things that actually matter. Attachment parenting and Mayim Bialik might wig you out a little bit, but how about admitting the truth? I’ll start.

I know nothing about attachment parenting, and neither do you. And I’m not mad about it. Do you know why? Because who cares, that’s why.

Cut Mayim Bialik some slack. She loves her kids, and she doesn’t starve them or hit them. That should be enough, honestly.

[Image via: s_bukley / Shutterstock]