Monica Lewinsky Black Negligee, Clinton Letter, More For Sale Right Now

Monica Lewinsky’s black negligee, a letter from Bill Clinton on White House stationery, and an assortment of other Lewinsky scandal related memorabilia is going up for auction by the Nate D. Sanders auction house.

The auction house announced the sale on Monday. The bidding will close on Thursday, so, if you want any of this stuff, the time to check it out is now.

Poor, poor Monica Lewinsky.

Ex-boyfriend Andy Bleiler is apparently the gift that keeps on giving.

The auction house detailed the provenance of the 32-item collection in their offer, which you are definitely advised to read if you want to purchase any of these items.

But the short version is that Bleiler turned over the collection to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who examined them during his endless (and some say politically motivated) investigation of the notorious 1990s-era Clinton-Lewinsky scandal that rocked the presidency.

The items apparently didn’t prove too much about Clinton’s guilt and were eventually returned to the Bleilers.

Like Clinton, Bleiler was married during his affair with Lewinsky. She apparently knew the couple well since many of the items were gifts given to Bleiler’s wife Kate.

Check out some of the paper ephemera in that collage provided by the auction house. Heck, there’s even a Christmas card. Say what you want about Monica Lewinsky, but she apparently had some brass ones back in those days.

Monica Lewinsky auction collection photo.

Yikes. As the auction house says, “with provenance from Kate Nason, formerly Mrs. Andy Bleiler.”

I don’t think it would have taken me all that long to clean that “stuff” out of my closet. How about you?

If you were Andy Bleiler’s ex, would you have had the patience to let the Monica Lewinsky memorabilia age before you shipped it off to the auction house?

[paper Monica Lewinsky lot by Nate D. Sanders Auctions]
[Monica Lewinsky at fundraiser photo by Featureflash /]