Circus Worker Filmed Dancing On The Back Of A Drowning Elephant [Video]

Rene Renz dances on back

A video has emerged online of a circus worker dancing on the back of a dying elephant whilst it attempts to bathe in a river and subsequently drowns.

The film shows Madi, a 48-year-old Indian elephant, slowly drowning as the brother of the owner of the circus he is a part of jumps around and then dances on her back in just a pair of swimming shorts all the while pushing her further and further below the surface.

Madi was part of Germany’s Universal Circus Renz and was originally take to a river to wash and bath during a tour of Estonia. You can watch a video of the incident above, but it is rather graphic.

A full investigation has been called for into the animal’s death after around 40 minutes worth of footage of the elephant being danced upon surfaced.

Madi can clearly be seen flailing and struggling in the water and even stumbles onto her side whilst in the river. It is believed that Rene Renz then began to clown around for the large group of spectators that had gathered to see the animal in the water.

Even when it becomes obvious that Madi is in serious danger of losing her life, Renz once again leaps on top of her in order to generate more laughs from the growing audience.

An investigation into animal cruelty is certain to be launched, and the circus’ owner, Daniel Renz, as well as his brother, will be the focus of the report.

Ursula Hammann, a Local Green MP, said of the incident, “There needs to be an official government inquiry,” whilst Animal rights activists of Pro Wildlife have also made an official complaint, stating, “It is a truly shocking scene. The animal is clearly old and frail.”

Last month, an elephant trampled to death a suspected poacher as he tried to shoot the gigantic animal.

What do you think should happen to the Renz brothers?