Grandmother Dies After Being Hit By Runaway Shopping Trolley

A runaway shopping trolley killed a 60-year-old grandmother in China on Friday morning, with CCTV cameras catching the horrific incident unfold.

The accident occurred at Lianhua supermarket in Shanghai, and it saw the elderly woman, who was shopping alone, hit from behind by a metal trolley that was traveling at an alarming speed.

The woman pushes her trolley calmly down the escalator unaware of the impending doom that is about to end her life. The video has been picked up by Chinese media outlets and been posted on Youtube but it is incredibly distressing.

The silent video sees the woman can be seen turning just at the last moment to see the trolley slam into her, whilst a man runs down behind the trolley frantically trying to stop it.

A man in a purple t shirt also witnesses the entire ordeal but is helpless to stop it unfolding, and simply watches by in amazement as it takes place.


It has since been reported that the overloaded trolley smashed into her with such force that it threw her into a pillar eight metres away.

Two men attempted to assist her, lifting debris off her body, but when she was taken to a nearby hospital she succumbed to her injuries.

It has been alleged that the trolley was loaded with around 15 crates of drinks, and that the owners lost control of it which lead to it sliding down the escalator. It is believed to have weighed almost 150 kilograms. Instead of using a supermarket trolley, which are designed to lock into the ridges of the escalator, they used their own that immediately lost control when they placed into on the steep incline.

Police have placed the two men under restriction whilst they continue their investigation into this horrifically tragic accident, whilst various internet users have been quick to condemn the duo for their actions.