Jack White says what everyone’s thinking, lays into New York hipsters

Jack White is like a shining beacon of sexy awesomeness, and when you think he can’t be any more sexy, or awesome, he unleashes a beautifully angry tirade on hipsters in New York.

White played Don Hill’s last night with his side-side project, The Dead Weather. A whole bunch of famous people were there, like Liv Tyler and one of the Olsen Twins, and Keith Richards’ daughter, who I suppose is tangentially notable. Also, a bunch of LES hipsters were in the crowd, and Jack did not care for their bored affectation, so he yelled at them:

“F**k you, you hip motherf**kers! Why don’t you rock the f**k out? Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip mother**kers!”

Then Jack ejected some douche in the front who was taking pictures, probably while he was still grinding hard on the guitar with his other hand because he’s Jack White and he only needs one hand to kick anyone’s ass playing guitar. The NYDN also says the present Olsen twin rolled her eyes at him after his outburst, for which I think he should have booted her, too. White later apologized to the crowd for berating them, but I bet they totally deserved it:

He said, “I’m sorry I blew up at you guys earlier. Thanks for coming out.”