Eight Stupid Ways To Get Thrown Off Your Flight [Videos]

Elaine Radford

With summer well underway, it's time to check out some of the stupid reasons that people are getting thrown off their flights during this hectic travel season. Oh, and by the way, did you know that people getting thrown off their flights are required by law to drop a lot of f-bombs? You have been warned that these pottymouthed travelers are definitely Not Safe For Work.

Stupid Reason No. 1: According to the YouTuber who posted it, that lady up top being carried away by the cops was thrown off a US Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Charlotte on Sunday for...wait for it...the high crime of using her cell phone.

As a poster to the popular One Mile At a Time blog commented: "A film about a woman being removed from a plane for using her phone, shot with the camera on somebody else's phone? This is what we're watching here?"

Yes sir, that's what it is. And you've got to admit that's a fairly stupid reason to get thrown off your flight. It's even more impressive that this lady manages to escalate to getting arrested over it.

Stupid Reason No. 2: You're the pilot and you freak out as a result of a previously unsuspected medical condition. Uh oh. That's what happened on an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Newark, New Jersey at the beginning of the month. The pilot reportedly freaked out, came running out of the cockpit, and had to be restrained while the flight was diverted to Toronto.

But maybe that's not so strange. Admit it. You've wanted to do the same thing a time or two when you were flying into Newark.

Stupid Reason No. 3: You have ants in your pants and can't stay in your seat so the captain can take off? That's it. You're off the plane. All of you.

That's what happened on an Air Tran senior trip from New York to Atlanta, again in early June. The entire party of 101 was kicked off the flight, although it seems iffy that every single person who got the boot was guilty of the bad behavior. Guilt by association, I suppose, so choose your traveling companions wisely.

Stupid Reason No. 4: You're so drunk that the captain has to come out to stop you from even thinking about boarding the plane. Don't make him have to come over there and kick your a**.

Seriously, there's a ton of bad language in this video, so if you're sensitive, just let it go by. This drunken attack on the United Express pilot by a 53-year-old delayed passenger reportedly occurred at Washington Dulles earlier this month.

In the jerk's defense, I gather that his flight was delayed so long that he had way, way too many drinks in the lounge.

Stupid Reason No. 5: You don't know how to sing. In mid-May a woman who was reportedly suffering behavior changes because of diabetes started singing -- and she was so bad that the American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York was diverted to Kansas City to kick her off:

I think the crew made the right call. No way I could have handled that all the way to New York.

Stupid Reason No. 6: The airline more or less openly calls you fat.

Actually, I feel kinda bad for passenger Matthew Harper who was kicked off a Southwest Flight in late April for being too big. At 340 pounds, yes, he should have been required to buy another seat. However, he thought it would OK because there was in fact an available empty seat between him and his brother.

Southwest didn't agree and marched him off the flight. However, this story has a happy ending. When they realized that there was enough room and a safe weight balance, they let him back on the plane.

But he's suing them anyway for embarrassment.

Stupid Reason No. 7: You took a picture of an empty seat. That's another one where I feel sorry for the passenger who got kicked off his flight.

In late February, travel blogger Matthew Klint was tossed off his United flight from Newark to Istanbul for taking a photo of his business-class seat. Maybe they thought he was going to give them a bad review.

Stupid Reason No. 8: Hands down, one of the most popular The Inquisitr stories ever about being kicked off the plane was the wacky February episode when a United flight from Denver to Baltimore was diverted to Chicago to throw off an entire family.


Wait for it...

Well OK. The most stupid reason ever to get thrown off a plane? Because your parents complained about the inflight movie.

I've tried as hard as I can, and I simply can't come up with a more ridiculous reason to get thrown off a flight.

[Delta photo by James/Pylon757 via Flickr and Creative Commons]