Chinese Driver Kills Herself And Husband Trying To Park Car

A 41-year-old female driver from the Chinese province of Zhejiang killed herself and her husband in tragic circumstances on last Tuesday whilst trying to park their car.

The couple, who were the parents to two daughters, one of which was in the vehicle at the time, were working together to help the female driver, who all we know at this time had the surname Lin, learn how to park.

Lin was practicing how to reverse the family’s vehicle into a space in the parking garage, whilst her husband was stood behind the car giving her directions from behind.

However she then backed up too far and pined her husband against the wall. This lead him to give out a huge scream that caused Lin to stick her head out of the window to see what was going on.

Lin then attempted to accelerate away from the disaster but forgot to change gear and only proceeded to squeeze him against the wall even more, which killed him instantly. As she reversed too the tragedy took an even crueler twist as her head became trapped against a concrete partition, which killed her too.

The pair’s six year-old daughter was in the vehicle the entire time and saw the ordeal unfold. It is believed that Lin had successfully parked the car the day before but her husband insisted she did it again to practice.

This incident has lead many residents of the city to voice their discontent at China’s lenient driving tests.


One blogger wrote, “This incident shows that we must be strict and demanding [sic] beginning when people first learn how to drive, otherwise even with your driver’s licence, bad things will happen sooner or later.”

Another sexist user noted, “I just wanna say, when women drive, it’s like men driving drunk.”

Most Chinese media outlets featured a photo of the deceased couple at the scene as part of their coverage. You can view it here, however it is rather graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

[Image via chaoss/Shutterstock]