Monkey Bites Officer During Traffic Stop [Video]

A monkey bit an Officer during a routine traffic stop.

Nobody likes a traffic stop. Chances are you were speeding if your city’s finest pulls you over and gives you a ticket, although in some cases, the police are just being mean for the sake of more money. Oftentimes, if you’ve been pulled over, it’s because you did something wrong or you were driving unsafe.

To be clear, most of the time if you’re doing the right thing, the police are on your side.

However, in this case it was neither the driver nor the officer who was being inconsiderate. It was merely a monkey being protective of its owner.

This was no ordinary monkey. This monkey was trained, and not to attack. The primate earned money for its owner by posing for pictures at carnivals and fairs, and was usually rather friendly.

It all started in Aransas Pass, Texas, when the displeased owner was being ticketed using a tablet and stylus device. Rookie Officer Keith Moore, 21, handed the driver the device to sign the ticket, and seemingly out of nowhere, the monkey bit the officer’s hand.

The monkey had been in the back seat, obviously quiet throughout the traffic stop, and had apparently considered the sudden appearance of the officer’s hand through the window as a threat. The Officer had a camera attached to his glasses and caught the attack on video.

Ninja Monkey Officer meme
Monkey bites officer.

Officer Keith Moore returned to his cruiser to explain to his sergeant, “His monkey attacked me!” The sergeant laughed as the Officer continued, “He’s got a monkey and it attacked my hand. I’m not even kidding.”

The Sergeant laughed and asked if it was a legitimate monkey, and the Officer affirmed it.

The man ticketed has a permit for the monkey, but it was quite a shock for the Officer and probably a good joke for the Department that day. The sergeant joked, “At least you got your story for the day early.”

What do you think of the monkey that bit the Officer’s hand?