Fox Reporter Drops Double F-Bomb In Apparent ‘Case Of The Mondays’ [Viral Video]


We all have those days.

Lindsay Nadrich of Fox affiliate WHQ Spokane has outdone f-bomb dropping colleagues of late with a whopping double f-bomb dropped during a segment broadcast on strawberries, of all things. For this reason, Nadrich’s double f-bomb whammy is our viral video of the day.

During her report on strawberries, Nadrich fumbled a little bit and went on an impromptu self-deprecating f-bomb tirade.

“F*** me, I can’t even f***ing talk,” Nadrich laughed, handing her cup of strawberries to the cameraman as if to say “I’m out.”

She was cut short, and cameras turned to the studio, where the anchor sat at the desk with her jaw on the floor while gasps were heard around her.

That reaction alone is worth the price of admission, folks.


We’re hoping that Nadrich isn’t ignobly dismissed for her double f-bomb, as was the case with A.J. Clemente, who was a news anchor for a total of five seconds before his career was abruptly cut short. His first (and last) words on air were an unfortunate “f***ing sh**.”

She might make it, since the segment apparently was not aired live. After the story started going viral, several media personalities pointed out that the editing booth error did not translate in a live double f-bomb.

Still, we all have those days. Who hasn’t dropped an epic f-bomb or two when work isn’t going so well? Hopefully the powers-that-be cut Lindsay Nadrich some slack here.

Anyway, here’s the epic video, which is NSFW for language. Remember to hang on until the studio anchor’s reaction. Roll that beautiful bean footage!