Redondo Beach Shooting ‘Person Of Interest’ Sought [Video]

A Redondo Beach shooting that left one man dead on Friday night has devastated a family, and police are seeking a person of interest after the suspected homicide.

After Bobby Reynolds, 38, was gunned down in the Redondo Beach shooting, relatives pled for anyone with information to come forward and help find the man’s killer.

Police received a report of gunshots from the Redondo Beach shooting at about 8 pm PST Friday, near Lilienthal and Ralston lanes.

When cops arrived on scene, Reynolds lay in a pool of blood near the apartment of his mother-in-law, Margaret.

Margaret said after the weekend Redondo Beach shooting:

“They’ve left a woman without a husband, two kids without their daddy, and a mother and father without a son.”

Of the shooting, Reynolds’ mother-in-law says she heard the gunshots and recalls:

“Not even 10 minutes after he left the door here, I heard pop, pop, pop.”

First responders transported the Redondo Beach shooting victim to Harbor General Hospital in Torrance, where he later died.

Redondo Beach police Capt. Jeff Hink believes that the shooting was not a random act of violence and believes Reynolds may have been targeted.

Hink indicates cops are hoping to find Erick Ortega, 27, and that speaking with him may help solve the Redondo Beach shooting case:

“It appears as though [Bobby] was specifically targeted. This was not a drive-by shooting. He was completely defenseless when this happened, so it’s really a shame for him and his family. Obviously we want to clear this up and get someone in custody as soon as we can. It starts with contacting this person of interest, Mr. Ortega.”

The shooter is said to have fled in a Chrysler 300 with another person, and police say Ortega owns the car in question. The vehicle was located just a few blocks away from the crime scene, and cops say Ortega has been involved in a long list or priors — but add that there is no clear connection between the person of interest and the victim.

Mother-in-law Margaret adds:

“Somebody will come forward and say that they saw somebody… We hope they get him.”

The victim in the Redondo Beach shooting is survived by his wife; a son, 8; and a daughter, 13.