Drake Takes A Shot Out Of His Grammy Award, Unknown If He Uses BET As Spoon [Video]

Drake uses Grammy award

Drake has released a new trailer to promote his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same, and it features the Canadian rapper doing shots from his Grammy award alongside his entourage.

The musician only announced the release date of his new album over the weekend, stating that it would be on sale from September 17.

The clip that has been uploaded online shows Drake receiving his Grammy award, which he won for Best Rap Album, for 2011’s Take Care, in the mail.

Drake then proceeds to take the prize out of the box, and then we see him pouring booze into the award, which is shaped like a gramophone  before proceeding to take a gulp out of it. He then passes it around his crew who then each in turn take a drink from it.

Drake’s friend informs the rapper that the award is the real deal as they take a drink from it, stating, “So you know it’s real.”

Drake then looks forlornly at the trophy as he polishes it and then states, “I’m gonna put it in my mom’s house,”before adding, “My vision always included a speech. That’s the only thing that wasn’t accurate.”

Nothing Was The Same is the follow up to his 2011 record, Take Care, which went on to sell over two million copies around the world and has been certified platinum.

It will feature the songs, “Girls Love Beyonce,” “Start From The Bottom,” and “5AM in Toronto.” “Girls Love Beyonce” features Drake singing parts from Destiny Child’s hit song, “Say My Name.”

It is also believed that the tracks “Jodeci” and “The Motion” will feature on Nothing Was The Same, with the latter dealing with the struggles of combining work, family life and pleasure.

Are you looking forward to Drake’s latest release? Which award would you drink from if you had a choice?