Jamie Wachtel Marries Scott Weiland In Los Angeles

Scott Weiland Wedding

Jamie Wachtel and rocker Scott Weiland were married in California over the weekend.

The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman and the photographer tied the knot on Saturday. The ceremony was held at the couple’s Los Angeles home with only close friends and family in attendance.

According to People, Jamie Wachtel wore a vintage dress to the wedding. She told the magazine the ceremony was both heartfelt and beautiful.

“We all cried and laughed. Scott and I are over the moon!” she explained.

Jamie Wachtel also released a statement to the folks at E! Online:

We were married last evening at our home in Los Angeles with close friends…it was a beautiful ceremony, very unique to us…everyone was in tears but smiling and laughing too…We have received such love and support from everyone—those close to us as well as fans of my husband…it’s been amazing.

The couple reportedly met while Scott Weiland was shooting a music video for his 2011 Christmas album. Weiland and Wachtel’s first encounter could easily be described as a Hollywood “meet-cute.” While filming the video, Jamie reportedly told Scott to suck in his gut. The singer admitted to being caught off guard.

“I started laughing and she started laughing. And I don’t know…something magical happened,” he explained to Rolling Stone magazine.

Scott Weiland marriage to Jamie Wachtel is certainly a bit of good news in the singer’s life. The Inquisitr previously reported the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman and his former bandmates have decided to take their differences to court.

To make a long story short, the band thinks Scott Weiland’s behavior cost them a considerable amount of money. They also don’t approve of the singer using the STP songs during his solo shows. Weiland, meanwhile, wants a judge to officially dissolve the band. It’s a pretty big mess, though fans are hoping it gets resolved with a reunion tour and a new album.

What do you think about Jamie Wachtel and Scott Weiland getting married?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]