Chest Hair Coat Promotes Manly Milk, Costs $3,849

Chest Hair Coat Promotes Manly Milk, Costs $3,849

The chest hair coat is made of 100 percent manly male chest hair.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it’s becoming fashionable for fashion designers to keep things organic.

For example, Adrienne Bailon’s new line of nail polish is supposedly popular with vegans.

But the chest hair coat takes fashion to an almost flinch-worthy level. How exactly did they get those chest hairs out of those hundreds of manly men? If organizations like PETA were to have their way, maybe they were plucked like with Burberry’s infamous $33,000 peacock trench coat.

The dair company Arla commissioned the chest hair coat they call the “Man-Fur Coat” to advertise the launching of a new protein-rich chocolate milk drink targeted at men. The chest hair coat took over 200 manly man hours for fashion designers to string together the one million stands of male chest hair.

A Wing-Co spokesman explained why the company made the chest hair coat:

“We commissioned the Man-Fur Coat as a wakeup call for the nation’s gents. A way to encourage them to readopt the values of assured ‘men’s men’ from yesteryear who would laugh nonchalantly in the face of adversity and be proud of their abundant manliness.”

The company believes British men have been “manning down” over the years, so the chest hair coat fixes this…somehow. Sounds like the spiritual successor to the man hair leggings in Japan, although maybe some 70’s chicks might dig that groovy chest hair coat.

What do you think about the chest hair coat called the Man-Fur Coat?