‘The Wolverine’ Drops Jean Grey Poster

The Wolverine has landed a new poster featuring Jean Grey!

The Wolverine is the latest attempt to make a movie about the title character, only this time they hope to get it right. Logan (Hugh Jackman) goes up against the Silver Samurai and Viper in a story where his own immortality might hang in the balance. According to the trailers, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) appears to Logan in a flashback, but now as we see the latest poster for The Wolverine, it may mean that Jean Grey will have a bigger role than we thought.

After all, why put out a poster featuring the character if the character isn’t a major part of the film?

Speculation states that according to the pose she is using in the poster, Jean Grey might be using her power as the Phoenix to appear in Logan’s dreams and manipulate him. In X-Men: The Last Stand, she had already been the Phoenix, and Logan had to kill her to make her stop, but comic book fans will note that you can never really kill the Phoenix. Hence the pose, which may indicate that she could return in a bigger role, possibly to help fight the Silver Samurai in lieu of Logan’s immortality.

Whatever Jean Grey’s role is in The Wolverine, the film is slated to be a standalone, separate from the X-Men films but using them as a building block. The Wolverine takes place in modern-day Japan, where it is said he will lose his ability to regenerate, as evidenced by a scene in the trailer where he is shot and doesn’t heal.

Perhaps this is where Jean Grey’s role comes in, to give Logan back his healing powers. Phoenix is like a deity in the Marvel universe, after all. Of course, this is also mirrored by the Christ-like pose she is using in the poster for The Wolverine.

The Jean Grey poster for The Wolverine is done in the same art as the others, almost a sketched version of the real thing, and you can see it at comingsoon.net.

What do you think of the Jean Grey poster for The Wolverine? Does her poster mean anything about her role in the film?