Former Miss USA Shannon Marketic caught shoplifting cosmetics

Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992, has been arrested in Texas for allegedly shoplifting cosmetics from a Target location.

Marketic, who has been released on unknown terms from Denton County Jail, was detained shortly after 9PM by loss prevention staff at Target. Among the items Marketic is accused of attempting to steal is an Olay moisturizer worth $60, as well as unspecified “baby items.” She claims that the incident is all a misunderstanding:

“Those three things had rolled to the back of the cart, underneath my purse, and my basket was overflowing,” she said. “As I was pulling things out and talking on the phone, I just wasn’t paying attention and I just wasn’t seeing them.”

She added: “I can swear on a stack of Bibles that there was absolutely no way” that she intended to shoplift.

Since her Miss USA win nearly two decades ago, Marketic has been twice convicted of driving while intoxicated and arrested once for public intoxication at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. She also unsuccessfully sued the sultan of Brunei for $90 million, alleging he detained her as a “sex slave.” A judge ruled that the prince was immune to such action, and dismissed the case.