Digital Dementia May Affect Smartphone Users

Digital dementia may affect smartphone users, according to studies conducted by the Balance Brain Centre in Seoul, Korea. The study suggests that those who heavily rely on smartphones may experience the same symptoms and loss of cognitive ability seen in patients with other forms of dementia.

Doctor Byun Gi-won explains that extensive use of smartphones may create an imbalance in the brain. As the left side of the brain is stimulated by smartphone usage, the right side of the brain may suffer.

As reported by MSN, the left side of the brain is primarily responsible for language, reasoning, and logic. The right side of the brain controls creativity, concentration, and emotion.

Te resulting neurological imbalance could lead to deterioration of cognitive ability. Digital dementia symptoms may include loss of memory and attention span. Additionally, the regulation of emotions may be impacted.

As children's brains are not fully developed, they face the highest risk for negative affects. If the left side of the brain develops normally and the right side is stunted, the imbalance can lead to serious cognitive issues.

As reported by The Telegraph, nearly 20 percent of smartphone users are between the ages of 10 and 19. Fifteen percent of them are at risk of developing digital dementia.

As smartphone usage continues to increase, so do the chances of ill affects. Smartphones have been blamed for creating addictions, a decline in face-to-face social interaction, and even cancer. Digital dementia is simply the latest on a growing lost of concerns.

While dementia is rarely cured, experts explain that digital dementia is an "early onset" of the more critical diagnosis.

The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's. Dementia can also occur as the result of a number of other medical conditions, including stroke. In most cases, there is no cure for dementia.

Doctors conducting research into digital dementia have a lot to learn about the long-term affects. However, they caution smartphone users, and parents, to consider the possible long term affects. As many are still unknown, moderation is the key to avoiding serious consequences.

[Image via Flickr]